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As a Scottsdale Native, I have a real passion for the Valley of the Sun. I grew up in a real estate family with My Dad as a Broker/Owner and my Mom as the Office Manager of their own Real Estate Company in Scottsdale, AZ. I was engulfed in the business and learned real estate terms, negotiations and policies just as I learned how to ride a bike. My Bachelor’s Degree in Human Communication from Arizona State University gives me the innate ability to clearly and comfortably communicate step-by-step processes and educate you in a way that makes you confident that you have someone that can represent and guide you through the process and negotiations of a real estate transaction.

Being a Millennial of course means I understand how to leverage technology to directly benefit my clients via convenience and value; however, I truly lead with my traditional real estate values ingrained in me from my parents. Their slogan was ‘Legendary Service with Integrity’ and I truly believe I lead with that mindset. My biggest asset is to create strong and long-lasting relationships with my clients that I genuinely care for, want to work hard for and make proud. I pride myself on eliminating many of the potential stresses one can experience in Buying or Selling a home and actually making the process fun!

I am happy to go above and beyond and always know that the relationship, honesty, trust and communication come first. Where you call “Home” is after all one of the most important decisions many people make in their lives and my goal is for you to feel like you wouldn’t rather have anyone else by your side for any and all of your real estate needs. I’d love to talk to you more about your specific needs and how my knowledge, and expertise can help you achieve your real estate goals.

“Kasey works so hard for her clients. In the past two years she has sold two houses for me. One in North Scottsdale and one in Kirkland. She’s amazing! She knows the market and knows how to sell houses”

“Kasey is a real estate genius and knows homes inside and out! She is completely passionate about real estate here in Scottsdale and what her clients want and need. My partner and I received her help every step of the way, with her regularly going above and beyond, to help make our home ownership dreams reality.”

“Thanks to Kasey I have found my dream home! She is absolutely amazing and I could not be happier 🙂 She set expectations up front and endlessly looked at houses until we found the perfect house. If you want someone in your corner while buying a house, Kasey is for sure your Gal!!”

“Kasey helped us with a purchase of a new home. She made our move from NC to AZ very easy during a stressful time. Kasey is THE realtor I refer potential buyers (& sellers) to. Her guidance in the home buying process starts at inquiry & doesn’t end until you’re well settled into your new home. She makes herself professionally and personally available to each client every step of the way. The work she does with AZ Military Home Source is top-notch!”

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“Not only did she help us find the right place, she taught us so much about real estate, homes, and markets. I would be hard-pressed to find someone else in Scottsdale comparable to Kasey, and you would be crazy to go to anyone less. Kasey was an absolute pleasure to work with to sell our home and purchase a new home. She’s professional and always quick to respond to any needs or concerns from start to finish in the real estate process. I would highly recommend Kasey!!”

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